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Tummy Tuck Belt Review Video

This video shows a girl reviewing the tummy tuck belt system after 6 weeks of use. This is a perfect video to point out a few key points. First off, the girl is clearly overweight and needs to reduce more than just her belly. I am not trying to be rude but I am making a point of how these companies provide mischievous information and make a profit off of people who are ignorant to the basics of fat loss. Anyhow, take a look and let me know what you think of her review of the tummy tuck belt.


Beware About Rebilling from Tummy Tuck Belt Companies!

If you have actually ordered the belt then you must know by now how difficult it is to actually stop them from sending the thermal cream every month and charging your credit card in the process.

The way these companies work is that they don’t necessarily make their money on the actually sale of the belt itself but rather on the reoccurring billing from sending more thermal creams to your door step, sometimes without your consent. The main thing to remember is that if you end up buying a tummy tuck belt, be sure to read the fine print in the agreement before the sale. It will state that you will be charged after a certain period of time to keep using the cream.

Also, an interesting point is that the directions on the belt tend to make it seem like you must add a boat load of cream on every use to get those dramatic results. I tend to differ, even if the thermal cream does work, it doesn’t take as much cream as they state for each use.

Word of advice, if you cannot get a hold of the companies billing department make sure to block them from charging you on the credit card that was used to pay for the product. Also, try to pay with a service such as paypal, as it is much easier to stop rebilling with them.