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Tummy Tuck Belt Reviews

Tummy Tuck Belt ReviewEver since tummy tuck belts emerged on the scene in late 2008, the debate has been riveting about whether these waist trimming belts actually work or not. If you have been up at night watching a show that fits the demographics of 30 to 50 year old women, then you must have seen the commercials for tummy tuck belts.

Essentially, it is a belt that is strapped around your waist that uses a thermal heat activating cream to melt away the fat around your waist. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, the only point that makes it seem viable is the fact that you must still exercise for it to work.

Tummy Tuck Belt Breakdown:

The belt consists of two main activating agents. First is the belt itself uses electronic impulses that stimulate the muscles within the waist area such as the abdominals and oblique’s. While you are exercising or even at rest, the belt supposedly causes those muscles to work. When the muscles are stimulated they produce thermal energy that heats up the top layer of fat that is covering the muscles.

The second part, which is much more suspicious, is the thermal cream. Basically the cream helps heat up the top layer of fat and burns the fatty oil deposits as the belt is actively stimulating the muscles.

The third piece that actually requires work is to exercise while all of this is happening. This three punch combination will help burn the fight around the waist much more quickly than any other method, as stated by the “as seen on tv” infomercials state.

Why do many people think tummy tuck belts are a scam?

First off, there is no such thing as spot reducing fat. This basically means that the entire fat burning process within human beings revolves around an entire reduction of the body composition, not just specific areas. Let’s not get too scientific, but the point is no specific area can lose more fat than other areas because the body burns layers of fat across the entire layer of fat that sits on the body. Of course, certain areas will reduce more quickly than others based on each individual’s composition along with other factors such as gender.

The truth about tummy tuck belts:

The fact remains that there is no magic solution to burning body fat. It takes discipline to maintain yourself in a caloric deficient state while increasing the level of exercise to burn more calories than the body consumes. When this process happens, you lose weight, plain and simple.

One thing that peaks curiosity about these belts is that it might be possible to heat up one area of the body so dramatically that with vigorous exercise, you actually burn more fat from that area given the amount of heat that is being produced there.

If you are interested in more information about these belts then be sure to check out tummy tuck belt reviews and get the low down on all the companies selling these belts along with pros and cons of each one.


One Comment on “Tummy Tuck Belt Reviews”

  1. kirk says:

    Here is how the scam works: Absolutely, for a gag I tried the belt it came with a bottle of cream. I clearly did not intend to buy a subscription for cream. I did not buy a service. I bought a piece of crap product for a joke. The problem is they dinged my cc a few more times before I caught the fraud.

    1) they make different follow up charges at the end of the month and again days later at the begining of the month. This is designed to confuse you on what you think you ordered.
    2) A couple months later they send you more cream. In your busy life, you don’t think much about it then look and see follow up charges for cream.
    3) Do fight to get your money back. The customer care person from the philippines or wherever is clearly purposely hired becuase they are hard to understand and they are trained to limit your options for refund. Dont settle for their options, create your own refund option.
    4) to get my 100% full refund required me mailing creams back I did not want in the first place. I told them so. Making me go to the post and pay and then wait to confirm to finally earn my refund, I was not having any of that. I got $39 of my $46 back since I got to keep the cream as a “gift”
    4) the last thing the well trained tele marketer said to me before she hung up on me was give my bank about 3-5 days to process but it could take a month, you don’t need to call your credit card company to cancel” The reason is they dont want thier processor catching wind of a lot of chargebacks or it creates problems for them. demand your full refund nothing short of it.

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